About Me
  • Fitness related activities such as cyclinglifting and running.
  • Anything with an engine.  I simply love carsmotorcycles and racing.
  • ComputersElectronics and the Internet. I read about 150 different blogs every day.  It has become the way I digest information.  I heavily use Google Reader to accomplish this daunting task.
  • Enjoy watching the dynamics of the market from stocks and options to real estate.  I'm a fan and user of E*TRADE for all that I do trading well over 30 trades a quarter with a pretty decent track record.
  • An avid movie buff and a casual reader of good books.  
  • Photography.  While I am just a beginner, I love to take photos of my experiences.  All of the photos posted on this site are originals taken by me over the past few years.  
  • Former owner of a company called truEInnovations... We developed really great software that managaged engineering design data.

Home Sweet Home

I'm currently living in San Francisco, CA after a long 7 years of living in Portland, OR.  Portland was a wonderful city and I'm going to miss it a lot; but then again SF is simply AMAZING.  I'll post more to come as I discover the city and all the amazing things around it. 

San Francisco, CA